Drink more and pay less. We would like to show you our appreciation for being part of the global Teahead community and reward you for your passion. We recognise that shipping costs can be expensive and, while we can't do much about the prices charged by the carriers, we are willing to absorb some of the costs, if you are willing to indulge in more pinnacle tea :)

How does the Free Shipping Power-Up work?
  • With every order you place at MeiLeaf you have an opportunity to earn a TOKEN. As you add goodies to your bag you will see the Token Cup filling until you see that the order qualifies for a Token.
  • Once the order is dispatched, you will receive an email confirming that you earned a Token.
  • Once you earn two Tokens (two qualifying orders) then you will automatically be awarded a POWER-UP. This Power-Up has an expiry date of 60 days.
  • If you place an order before the expiry date then at checkout you will have the option to use your Power-Up. In most cases, this will give you the option of FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE. This means that you can load up your cart and we will ship it to you for free, wherever you are in the world (exceptions apply - read below).
  • IMPORTANT: If that Power-Up order is over the qualifying Token amount then you will still earn another Token! Meaning that you are just one qualifying order away from another Power-Up! In this way, you could be getting FREE SHIPPING on every other order.
What is the order value to qualify for a Token?

At present the qualifying value (after discounts and before Tax and Shipping) is 75 GBP / 85 EUR / 95 USD. 

Do Tokens Expire?

No, any Tokens that you earn do not expire. As soon as you earn that 2nd Token then they will be converted to a Power-Up.

What if I place a non-qualifying order?

No problem. You may want a quick, smaller order. This will not affect your Tokens.

Is there an order limit to use my Power-Up?

You are welcome to use your Power-Up on any size order - big or small. There is no limit to the number of products in your cart nor are there any requirements for order value. You are free to go nuts! Please be aware of any local customs restrictions which may prohibit orders of very high value.

Do I have to use my Power-Up?

No. You can choose when to use your Power-Up as long as it is before its expiry date. Feel free to place smaller orders and save up your Power-Up for that BIG order to really save on shipping.

Can I still earn Tokens if I have a Power-Up?

Yes. You can continue earning Tokens with or without using your Power-Up. In fact, if you earn two Tokens then you will get another Power-Up which you can stack up with your existing one and you will see a 'x2' on your dashboard. Theoretically, you could be awarded many Power-Ups but just remember that each Power-Up will have its expiry date so you must use them before they disappear.

So what are the exceptions to Power-Up Free Shipping?

There are some products which are Bulky with extra shipping costs and low margins - these are clearly marked on the product pages. If you apply your Power-Up to an order containing Bulky Items then you will have the option of 'Power-Up Discounted Shipping'. This will automatically apply FREE SHIPPING to all non-bulky items and quote you a discounted shipping rate on Bulky items. So, the Power-Up will still save you a little on shipping for the Bulky items and give FREE SHIPPING on the other goodies in your bag. If your bag only contains Bulky or restricted items then you will not be able to use the Power-Up until it contains at least one non-bulky item. PLEASE NOTE: In the case of mixing Bulky and non-bulky items in a Power-Up order we will send the Bulky items with your chosen shipping option and we reserve the right to send the free shipping items separately with another tracked shipping option.

How do I see my Token/Power-Up status?

In your dashboard, you will see the status of all of your tokens and Power-Ups. Here is a brief explanation of the icons:

Token Cup Filling
Add more items to your bag to fill the tokens cup
Token Cup Full
Your bag qualifies for a token.
Token Order Placed
You have placed an order that qualifies for a token, it will be awarded when your order is dispatched
Token Earned
You have been awarded a token for a dispatched order. Earn two of these tokens to receive a Power-Up
x 1
Power-Up Available
You have a shipping power-up available for checkout.
What if I return or refund some of my order?

If we refund your order (for whatever reason) before dispatch then any Token and Power-Up earned from that order will be removed from your account. If we refund part of the order, then as long as the actual spend (after refund and discounts and not including shipping and taxes) meets the qualifying amount then you will keep your Token and Power Up.

If we refund part of your order after dispatch for reasons of faulty/damaged goods then you will keep any earned Token or awarded Power-Up. If we refund the entire order due to cancellation or other reasons then any associated Token will be cancelled.

If we refund a Power-Up order (for whatever reason) before dispatch then we will re-allocate the Power-Up for use on a future order. We cannot re-allocate the Power-Up if the order has been dispatched and any refunds or returns would go through our normal processes. For details on our Returns Policy, please, visit our Returns and Refunds FAQ page.

I am a registered Wholesaler. Do I get the rewards?

Yes, you will receive the same rewards as everyone else for non-wholesale products. Wholesale-only products do not qualify for Tokens or Power-Up FREE SHIPPING. If your bag contains a mix of non-wholesale and wholesale items then the system will not include the wholesale items when calculating Token earning. You can use your Power-Up but the shipping discounts will only apply to the non-wholesale items and you will get a small discount on shipping for the wholesale-only products.

Haven't found an answer to your question?

Don't hesitate to reach out to us. We are always here to help you.


Mei Leaf reserves the rights to cancel or change this Power-Up award system at any time and without prior notice. This system is under constant review and should we determine that the extra shipping cost burden that Mei Leaf has to bear is uneconomical then we will have to cancel. We will honour all remaining Power-Ups that have been awarded but we will not be issuing or recognising any Tokens.