Orders to the EU after 1st January 2021 are being processed as normal and the relevant customs documents are being submitted with your package. There are delays to standard shipping times due to shipping companies having to process more paperwork and adapt to the rule changes - we hope and expect these to speed up!

We are no longer charging any sales tax to EU clients and this may instead be charged by your country according to your local rates.

Due to the Free Trade agreement between the UK and EU there are no extra duties to be paid on tea. There may be some duties charged on teaware, this depends on interpretation by your country and we are doing everything that we can to try to ensure zero-tariffs for your orders.

UPDATE: Some EU clients have been charged UPS Brokerage and Government charges. This is not the case for most of our orders and we are seeking clarification from our shipping partners to understand the reason for these charges so that we can give our clients clearer guidelines. Our top priority is to ensure that your orders are received with minimal delay and extra charges.