Governments of many countries worldwide are implementing various measures to stop the spread of the COVID-19. Although these measures do not apply to the movement of goods, the lockdown measures could affect our carriers transport routes, delivery points, and local offices with reduced workforce

All of that means that you might need to take into account potential delays in delivery times of your orders.  So far we have not had any instances where our parcels have not been delivered or declined by our delivery partners, but we encourage you to double check before you place your order.

How do I check?

At MeiLeaf we work with two main carriers - UPS and RoyalMail. Due to variety of different service levels those partners offer, we always compare the shipping quotes between them to give you the cheapest quote for the respective service level. This is why they are masked under names like Economy or Express, instead of the actual carrier names.

RoyalMail and UPS and doing a great job of providing the most up to date information on their delivery networks . We encourage you check both partners to have a broader understanding of any delivery delays to your location.



If in doubt, our customer care team is always there to help you.


If you are worried whether it is safe to drink tea from China or concerned about risk of contamination due to transportation or potential custom inspections - the short answer is YOU SHOULDN'T BE! Watch the fragment of Don's video going in more details: