Buddhist Mandala and Tea Offering at Mei Leaf

Join us for tea while absorbing Buddhist artistry and practice. 27-29 October. All welcome.


I am deeply honoured to announce that from the 27th to the 29th of October the newly expanded Mei Leaf tea space will be blessed with the presence of six Buddhist Monks from the Gaden Ngari Khangtsen Monastery.

These monks, practising in South India, have graciously offered to spend three days with us to create a sand mandala and present a tea offering in our teahouse.

This event is free for everyone and will give you a unique opportunity to witness traditional Himalayan monastic temple artistry and practice. It is truly a special experience and is open to everyone from all ages, religions and beliefs.

I do hope that you will come to sit and drink tea while absorbing this meaningful experience. I would like to offer my deepest gratitude to the Gaden Ngari Khangsten monks for honouring us.


Programme of Events (subject to change):

Friday 27th October
10am - Opening Ceremony with multiphonic chanting
11am - 5pm - Creating the Mandala

Saturday 28th October
10am - 5pm Continuing the Mandala
3pm - Tea Offering Ceremony

Sunday 29th October
11am - 3pm Finishing the Mandala
3pm - Closing Ceremony and procession up to Camden Canal to distribute the sand of the Mandala

Click here to download the PDF Event Flyer

I hope you can join us. 

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