Two FRESH PuErh's!

Two stellar Gushu's from Yiwu (including one that is crazily affordable)


As the summer winds down, we bring the HEAT with two freshly landed Raw Gushu PuErh cakes from Yiwu. Two teas handmade from the same group of families all the way up at 1700m in Gao Shan village.

Shimmer Bliss Roady (leaves).png

Shimmer Bliss Roady is a thick, sweet and rich tea showing off all that is famous about the Yiwu area of Yunnan. Think creme caramel with blood orange zestiness!

Office Gossip Juice (Leaves) copy (1).png

Office Gossip Juice is our Huangpian version - crazy affordable and so delicious with very similar notes to Shimmer Bliss but with a lighter body and more laundry and pear skin freshness.

Interested to know the difference that Huangpian makes to PuErh? Well, you are in luck because we have just released a video tasting these two teas sided by side in order to give you an understanding of the difference in the cup. It's a delicious experience and I highly recommend educating your palate by buying some of each tea to taste together.


We think you’ll love:

Yiwu Gushu Raw PuErh Spring 2019

Yiwu Gushu Raw PuErh made from 200-300 year old tea trees in 2019. Hot rocks, fresh apricots and heather honey with a blood orange finish.

Yiwu Huangpian Gushu Raw PuErh Spring 2019

Huangpian Gushu raw PuErh made from ancient tea trees in Yiwu. Pear skin, talcum, orchid and hawthorn fruits.

The perfect way to store your tea. Stackable tins which have been designed to keep your tea organised easily.

Jing Mai 400 Year Old Gushu PuErh Spring 2018

Delicate pickings of mineral rich Gushu from estimated 400 year old tea trees in Jing Mai. Deep baked bananas, dried apricots, raw pie dough and zesty limes.