Which Tea is Best for Breakfast?

Pairing teas with croissants and the great British fry up = a good morning.


My friend Alex from Paris was on a quick trip to London and so I roped him into a tea session. He has his own YouTube channel all about geeky cooking and so we had to try a food pairing. Sitting on a beautiful sunny day in (noisy) Camden Lock, we chowed down on croissants and a fry up.

Pairing tea with the croissants was not so challenging and I think that we found a winner with Baked Goods. The English breakfast was another story. With such strong and diverse flavours on one plate I understand why the classic choice is a strong black tea which serves to simply cleanse the palate rather than enhance flavour. The revelation that we found was pairing the fry up with roasted Japanese tea (Houjicha). The rich, soy sauce savouriness of this tea, combined with the woody herbaceous notes seemed to match with the majority of the elements on the plate (especially that sausage).

So the next time you open your cupboard for a breakfast tea try these pairings yourself.


Superior Keemun
Baked Goods
Lost Robe

Golden Yolk
Bulang Black


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Organic Oolong processed in low oxygen to increase GABA to 200mg per 100g. Summer rain, apricot jam, wet wood and chestnut honey.

Anji Bai Cha

Top shelf grade. Pre Qing Ming picked Anji Green. Freshly mowed grass, asparagus umami, starfruit and green pumpkin seeds.

2010 Gong Ting Shu PuErh

Ultra-fine royal picking 2010 Bulang ripe PuErh. Milk biscuits, custard, palm sugar and pear drops.