Dynamic Filtering

We want you to be able to explore our world of tea without restrictions. Sure, you can click on some quick links to go straight to Oolong teas but what about exploring in a more dynamic way.

Every shopping page has dynamic filters so that you can explore by type, effects, origin, style and other special filters. You can multiply filters so that you can zoom into our collection and find the exact tea for you.

Dynamic filters are available for Teaware and Gifts too so go and play!


It is so easy to add or remove products from wishlists by clicking on the heart button.

Wishlists allow you to keep tabs on all the products that you are interested in purchasing. You can access the entire list by clicking on the user dropdown link or you can view any categories of products to show your wishlist items.

Running out of your favourite tea? Grab your phone click the heart button and build up your shopping list for your next purchase!