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Enter the gift voucher value you would like to purchase between £5.00 and £1,000.00 GBP
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These eVouchers are redeemable on all Mei Leaf purchases online (not for in-store use). Enter the value you would like to purchase between the minimum and maximum limit indicated and add your vouchers to cart.

In most cases your voucher will be sent to you immediately after payment. However, in rare cases voucher delivery could be delayed for a few days if our fraud protection system flags the order for review. Due to increase in fraud activity lately we had to further enhance our fraud protection approach to provide our clients and partners with the most secure shopping environment. We hope for your understanding.

You can manage your purchased vouchers from your dashboard and choose when you would like to send your vouchers as a gift, including your own personalised message.

Vouchers do not need to be spent on one purchase because they are redeemed into account credit, so you or your friends can use your virtual money across one or many more orders.

Alternatively, instead of giving away your voucher as a gift, you can use the vouchers to credit your own account with tea spending money. Maybe you want to top up your account with a certain amount every month like a tea piggy bank so that you always stay within budgets.

Our eVouchers can be purchased in either GBP, USD or EUR (change the flag in the website header to change currency) but has to be redeemed in the same currency online.

Got your Git e-Voucher? Lucky you! If you are new to gong fu tea then check out this video as I take my Mum through a step by step guide for beginners in tea to choose their tea and get the full tea experience.

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