Mi Lan Xiang Tea Grading Flight Box

No longer available

This is a LIMITED BATCH of our Mi Lan Xiang Dancong tea grading experience. It contains enough tea for 2 comparative flights and then another 4 Gong Fu Sessions - 6 sessions total!

This is a different kind of experience which helps to train your palate as you discern the differences in taste and texture of 3 grades of the same tea - the mighty Mi Lan Xiang aka Royal Peach Orchid Oolong.

Your job is to find the best Mi Lan Xiang for Mei Leaf. We do not want to give too much away as this is a guided tea tasting experience but the box contains 40g of Royal Peach Orchid, including some of the highest grade Mi Lan Dancong tea on Earth. The experience comes complete with a letter from Don explaining what you need to do.

This tea experience will give you an insight into the tea curating process that we go through every week when selecting our teas and will fine tune your understanding of this famous tea through taste.

This experience requires you to brew in at least two 100ml pots/gaiwans (you can use bigger but make sure that you use 100ml of water). If you do not have a 100ml Gaiwan then this is the perfect opportunity to pick up a couple to complement this flight experience. Check out our #StayLoose and #KeepTeaGangsta Gaiwans.

Any 'Teahead' medal holders will receive a 15% discount on this flight experience to congratulate you on all of your tasting notes. The discount will apply automatically when you add to your bag.

We think you’ll love:

Da Wu Ye Dancong

Tropical, juicy fruit laden Oolong with a quenching dry finish. Boiled cherry sweets, yellow roses, banana, mangosteen and wood resins.

Ya Shi Dan Cong

Masterful Dan Cong Oolong made from the Ya Shi Cultivar. Buttery on the nose with baked almonds accented with a sour cherry fruitiness.

Mei Leaf 100ml White porcelain Gaiwan printed with the #KeepTeaGangsta artwork. The perfect size for solo brewing or horizontal tastings.

Dong Ding Wulong

Special grade heavily roasted Dong Ding with a long finish. Flavours shift on the tongue from buttery, dark baked biscuits to spiced poached pears.