Sensation Connoisseur Tea Explorer Gift Set

No longer available

A pack containing a Connoisseur Tea Brewer & Decanter and the Sensation Tea Tower. Our Connoisseur Tea Brewer & Decanter is simply the must-have tea gadget for anyone excited by proper tea, producing a perfect brew everytime.

Tea Connoisseur Brewer and Decanter

Our Tea Brewer & Decanter is an amazing little gadget to make the best tea. Simply pour our loose tea into brewer, fill brewer with hot water, close lid and allow to infuse. Here's the gadget part, when brewed to your taste, push button to release and decant tea. This means that there are no leaves in your cup and the tea leaves are left ready for your next infusion. Once you've used this you will wonder how you brewed loose tea before.


Sensation Tea Tower

Three stacked tins of Mei Leaf tea signature blends for a ultra fragrant collection of brews.

Empress & the Earl - Our reinvention of Earl Grey tea with a Chinese twist incorporating Wuyi Yancha. Contrast of cooling minty citrus and warming vanilla whisky.

Flying Monk - A powerful mood enhancing blend of Oolongs, Ginseng and Osmanthus Flowers. Sweet apricot and frangipane tarts.

Petal Heads - Floral explosion of Osmanthus, Chrysanthemum, Rose and Lavender with a pinch of Baby Leaf Kuding. The perfect way to unwind. Caffeine free.

Tin of 30g Empress & the Earl
Tin of 30g Flying Monk
Tin of 20g Petal Heads