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The perfect festive tea selection and a great gift for any tea lover.

Three stacked tins of Mei Leaf tea signature blends for a ultra fragrant collection of brews. Wrapped in Mei Leaf paper so that it is a ready made gift for any occasion - for dinner parties, presents or yourself!

Butterfly LightA perfect digestif after a heavy meal - the ultimate way to feel good after a heavy celebratory feast with friends. Dark roasted plums and burnt vanilla wood with mulled dried orange.

Flying Monk - Keep on partying whilst staying chilled and focussed with a combination of GABA oolong, Ginseng and Osmanthus Flowers. Tastes like sweet apricots and frangipane tarts.

Sweet CheeksBeautifying and cleansing blend of White Peony, Rose and Red Dates. A great blend for the morning after a heavy night of fun. Herbaceous, minty sweet nut milk and warm honey.

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