Despite the EU-wide roll-out of IOSS and us submitting all the required paperwork along with every IOSS order, unfortunately sometimes we still observe some confusions on the side of customs offices and local posts in some countries. If your parcel is stuck with customs or at your local post and they ask you to pay VAT, we recommend the following course of action:

  • Try to ask them what is the reason for taxation and why are they not processing your parcel under IOSS as they should.
  • If the authorities cannot be reasoned and haven't heard of IOSS, it is probably easier to pay their fees to get your parcel released.

Should you decide to pay the fees, please, reach out and inform us about it. We will file a complaint with our carrier partners, and will refund you all the pre-paid IOSS taxes that we collected from you at checkout.

EU Countries that have restrictions on importing tea under IOSS

For those countries we had to stop offering IOSS options altogether:

  • Belgium
  • Ireland