The more that you use the Mei Leaf platform the more your rewards. Here is how:

Seeds, Ranks and Memberships

When you register an account you start at the beginners rank of Courageous Goat with zero Tea Seeds. Whenever you purchase teas, write reviews and share your thoughts on social media you earn Tea Seeds.

As you earn more seeds your Rank will increase. The ranks are based on the Imperial Animals in the Forbidden City. You can find out how many more seeds you require to reach the next rank level on your Dashboard.

The higher your rank the more benefits you receive. These benefits include:

Membership discounts

We currently have six membership tiers from Glass all the way to Yixing. These entitle you to increasing discounts on all discountable products.

  • Glass = 2% discount
  • Porcelain = 5% discount
  • Silver = 7% discount
  • Gold = 10% discount
  • Platinum = 12% discount
  • Yixing = 15% discount


Your rank reflects your knowledge and experience in tea. So, as you rise up the ranks your product reviews will have more influence on the Community Score of a tea. In other words you become more influential!


We have a variety of medals to award you for buying and reviewing tea. These are for you to collect in your dashboard and lead to exclusive, secret benefits.