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    Truly unique! Very oily in texture which is fantastic as well as a great sugary orange after taste. Predominantly a marmalade biscuit like taste and stewed orange aroma. 10/10 well worth the price

Extremely small batch of London roasted Gushu Raw PuErh from Da Hei Shan. We have 265 cakes available to buy so act quickly!

This is our long-awaited follow up to Psychic Stream Seeker and the finale of our #FractalSafari game.

The Fractal Fate Finder is a Gushu Raw PuErh (estimated 300 year old tea trees) which has been roasted personally in my home in London. The Maocha (loose PuErh) was specially selected for suitability to roasting, with a bright and punchy character which could stand up to the softening and deepening effects of baking.

The tea has intentionally been compressed tightly in order to achieve an even roast and it was baked in a specially purchased, rotating tea oven. In order to make such a tightly compressed cake easy to break we have made this tea into a 100g chocolate bar shape with 15 break off sessions.

The rich and intense aromatics coupled with a smooth, thick and oily texture make this tea a very special and unique session. The body energy is quite intense - deep, meditative and euphoric with a humming warmth.

This tea means so much to us and is the result of nearly 10 months of planning and preparation. The Fractal represents truth and a way of seeing the truth in a fractured world with radical tribalism. It is our marker of the maddest year in recent memory and a beacon to call for a more reasoned and inclusive way of looking at the world and solving problems moving forwards.

The cake comes wrapped in specially sourced paper in a black envelope with artwork and a limited edition postcard artwork (with numbered editions) by Celine.

More about the Fractal Fate Finder and #FractalSafari

This is the final tea release of a dramatic year that marks humanity's first step into an enthralling new decade on an endlessly evolving planet Earth.

For our family, this is the most meaningful tea release yet. It is a culmination of an unbounded project that marks a crazy year and a beacon to call for new perspectives for the rest of this decade. Insanely good tea, artisanal craftsmanship, art and digital game design have all been brought together to create an experiential gift for the teahead community.

Fractal Fate Finder and its accompanying Fractal Safari real-world game is the proud result of an investment that far exceeded any possible financial gain. Neither expense nor detail were spared in our drive to capture the potency of True tea and the mind-opening effects it can bring. The result of this obsession is a collector's item to savour.

A tiny batch of leaf picked from ancient arbor trees growing in the forests on the legendary Da Hei Shan; carefully compressed; evenly roasted at our London home using a tea roasting machine purchased specifically for this occasion; wrapped by hand in a special paper, and secured in bespoke packaging along with specially printed postcards as a bonus feature to celebrate the moment of this very limited edition release.

This tea is a luminous memento from a year spent in the shadows of painful uncertainty and distressing tension. Fractal Fate Finder and #FractalSafari invites you to rediscover our interconnected world from an inspired perspective that discerns the immaculate patterns underpinning the formation of all matter, guided by the flawless intelligence of nature where the ancient roots of this tea leaf began.

Gong Fu Brewing Western Brewing
Amountg per 100ml 1st Infusionseconds + Infusionsseconds Number of
Amountg per 100ml 1st Infusionseconds + Infusionsseconds Number of
6.5 30 +5 20 1 120 +30 5

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