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PuErh tea is a world in itself with many Teaheads becoming obsessed with its delightful and wild variety. But, for someone trying to get into PuErh, things can be a bit intimidating and there is a lot of bad PuErh out there to stumble on!

In this flight box we present two high quality PuErh teas (one raw Gushu and one ripe). This is designed for those who want to dip their toes into PuErh tea and understand the different experience that raw and ripe can provide. The teas selected are excellent PuErh's, they are not basic or learner teas in any way. Instead they show off some of the best examples of these two styles of PuErh production.

This PuErh Tea Flight box contains two top quality teas which have been selected for comparative tastings. The box contains a letter written by myself to explain the key differences between the teas and how these affect the sensory experience.

The box contains tasting cards to fill out for your reference. Once you have completed a comparative tasting there will be plenty of tea remaining for individual tea sessions.

This box contains:

Young Gushu 2018

Delicate pickings of mineral rich Gushu from estimated 400 year old tea trees in Jing Mai. Deep baked bananas, dried apricots, raw pie dough and zesty limes.

Fire Phoenix

Ripe PuErh made from buds and baby leaves and aged since 2008. Wet caves, fresh paper, vanilla wood, whisky barrels and leather.

▻ Ten Step tasting cards
▻ Letter explaining the differences between each tea

We think you’ll love:

Pale blue De Hua porcelain Gaiwan with supreme pouring, balance and design.

Ancient tree Raw Gushu PuErh from Da Xue Shan forests in Yunnan. Banana pudding, wild strawberries, flint and green bamboo.

Gua Feng Zhai Sheng Dashu Spring 2020

A heady and complex Yiwu Sheng. Strawberry candy, sweet musk floral face cream, poached pears, medicinal honey and hawthorn fruits.

He Kai & Jing Mai Sheng Gushu Spring 2020

Special blend of 300-400 year old tea tree material from He Kai and Jing Mai. Zesty and mineral with baked apples, grenadine syrup and mandarin peel.