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Freshly sourced teas for a quick glimpse of our latest treasures.

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Da Wu Ye Dancong

Tropical, juicy fruit laden Oolong with a quenching dry finish. Boiled cherry sweets, yellow roses, banana, mangosteen and wood resins.

Bulang Hong Cha

Tribal black tea from Banzhang village. Chocolate syrup, maraschino cherries and hay with burnt caramel and raisin sweetness.

Yun Wu - Cloud & Mist Green

Underrated Zhejiang Green with a balance of fresh, savoury and sweet flavours. Creamy courgettes, raw green pepper freshness and potato sweetness with a lime zest ending.

Ya Shi Dan Cong

Masterful Dan Cong Oolong made from the Ya Shi Cultivar. Buttery on the nose with baked almonds accented with a sour cherry fruitiness.

All glass Gong Fu brewer for a minimalist tea session. Perfect for desktop brewing and particularly suited to White, Green and Black tea.

2009 Fuding Bai Mu Dan & Shou Mei

Much anticipated sequel of the legendary Jade Star. An aged Bai Mu Dan & Shou Mei blended White tea from 2009. Dried mint, burnt apples and dark molasses with a spicy, cannabis skunkiness.

Kagoshima Sencha

Organic Sencha from the southern tip of Japan with a distinct sea air quality. Porridge oats, lemon balm, celery salt and avocado.

Yiwu 800 Year Old Gushu PuErh Raw 2005

PuErh does not come much more revered than this one. Over twelve year Kunming aged Gushu from the legendary Yiwu mountains. Thick, smooth and oily with prunes, shaoshing wine and sandalwood incense.

2012 Bulang Gong Ting Shu PuErh

PuErh made from the choice pickings (Gong Ting grade) of 80 year old tea trees in Bulang. Malted vanilla cola ice cream floats with antique books and chestnut jam.

Taiping Hou Kui - Monkey King

A special fully handmade batch of Taiping Hou Kui Green tea. Young coconut water, pumpkin seed milk and orchids.

Jade Dew

Top shelf, hand picked Gyokuro. Shade grown for over three weeks. Sweet taro, parsley stalks, peppery nettles and a rich creamy umami broth.

Lao Man E 500 Year Old Gushu Raw Spring 2017

Potent Gushu raw PuErh from Lao Man E village in Bulang. Exclusive batch, house roasted by Mei Leaf in London. Quince, blow torched rice and pears. Sweet Limoncello bitters.

Hatsu Mukashi Uji Matcha

Ultra small batch Uji Matcha made by a revered family of Matcha makers. Creamed spinach, watercress, rich umami and a palma violet sweetness.

Bing Dao 600 Year Old Gushu Raw 2017

Bright and gentle PuErh made from ancient tree leaves picked and blended from the East and West sides of Bingdao. Green grapes and mangosteen with a herbaceous and minty cool sweetness.