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Bulang Hong Cha

Tribal black tea from Banzhang village. Chocolate syrup, maraschino cherries and hay with burnt caramel and raisin sweetness.

Sharp and thin tea pick for the hardest of tea cakes.

2002 Bulang Gushu Sheng & 2017 Nannuo Gushu Sheng

An ultra special blend of Gushu PuErh. Combining top grade material from 2002 and 2017 to create a dynamic mix of aged and young PuErh. Dark forest honey, oxidised plums, candied beetroot moving to orange fruit pastilles.

Small black pot stand which can double up as a tea bowl.

Lotus flower design tea boat for stylish brewing.

Breathable storage for ageing tea cakes or storing large amounts of loose leaf tea.

The perfect way to store your precious loose tea in a breathable atmosphere.

We think you’ll love:

Beautifully decorated black lid to fit stackable tea tins.

The essential fine mesh stainless steel filter for all Gong Fu brewing.

Brew Gong Fu style in a desktop format. The perfect way to brew at the office or home without a tea tray.

Our perfect Ru Yao porcelain tea cup which reveals a beautiful cracked glaze as you drink.