For anyone wanting to get into Gong Fu Brewing a small and lightweight water tray is essential.

This ticks all the boxes as a first Gong Fu water tray or a supplementary one to a larger setup. The tray is large enough to accommodate a session of about 4-5 people. It is so light and easy to use that we are always reaching for ours whenever we want a quick session.

The top is made from bamboo and the base is waterproof melamine. It is the same tray which comes as part of our Gong Fu Story - tea travel bag. So, if you would like to have a tea travel solution then please take a look at this product which includes the tray.

Please note:

The top of this tray is made from bamboo and will bend slightly through continued use. This is normal and not a fault at all.


32x19x3.5 cm approx.


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