Zisha Clay Bing Storage


The perfect solution for storing all of those precious PuErh Cakes in your selection. This large Zisha Bing storage can hold up to 7 full size (357g) tea cakes.

Many teas should be stored in a relatively airtight yet slightly breathable atmosphere to encourage slow and fruitful ageing. A perfect example is PuErh tea.

This tea storage container is made from unglazed clay which is naturally slightly porous, allowing a controlled atmosphere with some very slow exchange of air.

The container is made from Zisha purple clay which is good quality but certainly not the grade ideally used to make Yixing clay pots. It is the perfect clay for this type of tea storage. It has a capacity of 6 litres which is big enough to store up to 7 full size tea cakes or about 600g of loose PuErh. Other tea types will vary depending on the shape and size of the leaves.

The clay will keep the tea in a cool, dry, dark and breathable atmosphere which will prevent build up of any mustiness as the tea ages slowly.


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2016 Bulang Laoshu Shu PuErh

Masterfully fermented ripe PuErh made from 100 year old Bulang tea tree pickings. Fudge, dulce de lecce, frangelico and burnt paper.

Lao Man E 500 Year Old Gushu Raw Spring 2017

Potent Gushu raw PuErh from Lao Man E village in Bulang. Exclusive batch, house roasted by Mei Leaf in London. Quince, blow torched rice and pears. Sweet Limoncello bitters.

2002 Bulang Gushu Sheng & 2017 Nannuo Gushu Sheng

An ultra special blend of Gushu PuErh. Combining top grade material from 2002 and 2017 to create a dynamic mix of aged and young PuErh. Dark forest honey, oxidised plums, candied beetroot moving to orange fruit pastilles.

Mi Lan Xiang Dan Cong

Our own blend of two Wudong Mi Lan Xiang Oolongs to create the perfect balance of peach and orchid aroma with deeper honey taste, thicker body and a drier quench.