Double Walled Glass Tea Cup (large) - B Stock

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THIS IS DISCOUNTED B-STOCK WHICH MEANS THAT THERE ARE SOME AESTHETIC IMPERFECTIONS. Please take a look at the pictures to view examples of small blemishes. We will not accept returns on the basis of aesthetic imperfections.

A stunning way to show off your tea. Drinking out of glass allows you to really appreciate the colour of the liquor. This double walled design means that you won't burn your fingers and it will keep the tea warmer for longer.

This glass is perfect for Western style serving sizes but we love it for Gong Fu brewing too. This is because we can add about 50ml of tea and have a large amount of air to stick our nose into for sniffing the tea aroma. Smaller cups may be cute but they don't give you the same experience.

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Dian Hong

Rich Black tea made from the Yunnan Da Ye Zhong cultivar. Maple syrup, carob and barley malt with violet flowers and fig.

Da Hong Pao Qi Dan (Big Red Robe)

Dark roasted Wuyi Yan Cha (rock oolong). Charcoal caramel leading to cranberry juice soaked wood. Vanilla whisky, fresh tobacco and ripe apricots.

Present your tea with style and function with a curved porcelain scoop.

Huo Shan Huang Ya

Smooth and elegant tea made in small batches. Morning dew, fresh cut grass, green beans with a light and warming pear sweetness.