Mei Leaf Blue Gong Dao Bei - B Stock

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THIS IS DISCOUNTED B-STOCK WHICH MEANS THAT THERE ARE SOME AESTHETIC IMPERFECTIONS. Please take a look at the pictures to view examples of small blemishes. We will not accept returns on the basis of aesthetic imperfections.

A perfect matching Gong Dao Bei (fairness cup) for the Mei Leaf Blue Gaiwan and Mei Leaf Blue Cups although it will mix and match with most other Pots and Gaiwans.

Made from De Hua porcelain which is luxurious and relatively thin to give your tea sessions the aesthetics worthy of your tea.

The opening fits all Chinese strainers and, even though it has subtle, short spout, it has a great drip free pour.

This Gong Dao Bei is presented in a luxurious padded box.

About Gong Dao Bei's

The Gong Dao Bei is simply a pitcher for serving tea so that everyone receives an equal strength brew (that's why it is called a fairness cup). If you were to serve direct from a tea pot  or gaiwan, the first cup would get a weaker brew than the last cup (unless you are brewing Chaozhou style but that's a different conversation). The Gong Dao Bei allows you to strain the tea from the pot or gaiwan into this pitcher to even out the brew so that everyone gets to taste the same tea.

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Original shape, fully handmade Chaozhou red clay pot with exemplary detail and aesthetics.