A versatile and beautiful handmade Kyusu made with Shudei (red) clay in Tokoname. The artists creating this right hand pour Kyusu have created an elegant upright profile and added the playful, human element of two thumb indents which add character, charm and naturalism to the aesthetics.

The capacity of 350ml is to the lid which means that you can brew from 200-320ml - perfect for solo sessions or up to 6-7 people. We think that at least one Kyusu of this size is an essential piece to add to your teaware collection.

The Tokoname clay is unglazed and rich in minerals. In our experience, Tokoname clay is less porous than Yixing and similar to high fired Chaozhou clay which means that it will season very slowly. Therefore it is not a big deal for you to mix different tea types in the Kyusu - it will season but it will be very subtle so it depends how purist you are! The mineral-rich content does affect the body and taste of the tea, making it slightly smoother and rounder.

This Kyusu is great with all kinds of tea. Of course the Japanese greens take centre stage but you could brew almost any tea type.

Seasoning and washing your Kyusu

It is generally not necessary to season Tokoname teaware in the same way as Yixing clay. You can follow the same instructions as Yixing but really all that you have to do is rinse this kyusu in boiling water a few times and then begin brewing. If you would like to speed up the very subtle seasoning of Tokoname clay then you can leave your chosen tea type to brew for 15 minutes in the kyusu every so often.

As always with clay teaware, do not use any detergents! To clean, all then you have to do is thoroughly rinse out the tea leaves and leave to dry with the lid off.

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