Mei Leaf is designed to be your tea collecting platform.

What is 'My Collection'?

Whenever you buy a tea from us it is unlocked and added to 'My Collection'.

But what about teas that are not from Mei Leaf? No problem! You can add a tea to your collection even if it is not one of ours. Just go to your tea collection and click the Add Tea button.

When a tea is unlocked and in 'My Collection' this allows you to keep a history of your tea journey by:

  • Writing and sharing tasting notes
  • Storing your own brewing parameters
  • Rating the teas
  • Adding and removing from your cupboard so that you always have an accurate list of teas in your stash

How to Unlock Teas?

When you buy online, the tea will automatically be unlocked and added to 'My Collection' as soon as it is dispatched to you.

If you buy it instore then make sure that you show our Mei Leaf staff your membership code found in your account settings. This will unlock the teas for you automatically.

Alternatively, the unlock code is printed on all box packages so you can type it in by clicking the unlock tea button on the individual tea's page.

What's the Difference between 'My Collection' and 'In My Cupboard'?

'My Collection' contains all of the tea which you have purchased from Mei Leaf and any teas which you have added from other tea sellers. They stay there even after you have finished the tea as a reference of your tea tasting history.

'In My Cupboard' let's you view all the tea which you actually have in your stash. So you can browse the teas that you can brew (without opening your cupboard) and show your guests so that they can make a selection.

You have to manually add and remove teas from your cupboard when you receive or run out of tea. You do this by clicking the 'Action' menu of the tea on the 'My Collection' page.