Mei Leaf

Push the reset button on your understanding of tea. Forget the stuffy tea rooms and silver service. Forget the scented nonsense mis-sold as 'tea' to yummy mummies. Forget those awful tea bags dunked in milky water.

Let us introduce you to TRUE TEA

Tea is a rare thing - an indulgence of flavour and effect that is really good for you too! It is the convergence of all the great things in life - natural, healthy, functional, artisan and delicious. It is a journey with no end of learning.

Mei Leaf was established in London in 2006 (previously called chinalife) to represent true tea culture. Don and his team tirelessly explore the mountains of the East to find the most delicious teas on the planet. These are pinnacle teas made by masters from the perfect terroirs and picked at the perfect season.

More about our teas

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