The joy and art of tea is much more than the leaves. The brewing process is fundamental to your appreciation of this magical leaf and we have chosen a curated range of teaware to enhance and inspire your tea journey.

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Buffalo tea pet which changes colour whenever you offer it hot tea.

Handcrafted Chawan in two different colours for the must luxurious matcha experience.

The essential fine mesh stainless steel filter for all Gong Fu brewing.

Drink cold brewed tea or filtered water on the go with our cold brew system.

Brew Gong Fu style in a desktop format. The perfect way to brew at the office or home without a tea tray.

Connoisseur Tea Brewer bundled with one Large Double Walled Glass tea cup for a special price.

Ultra stylish speckled cream stoneware Kyusu. Handmade in Tokoname.

An elegant and cute Deer to join you on your Gong Fu sessions. Its craquelure surface will reveal a tea stain pattern as you offer more tea.

Stylish glass cup which keeps tea hot and does not burn your fingers.

Beautiful double walled small glass cup for showing off your tea.

Perfect small glass tea pot that allows you to see the colour of the tea you are drinking. Easy-to-use filter takes the hassle out of loose tea.

Elegance Glass Tea Pot bundled with two Double Walled Glass tea cups.

Sharp and thin tea pick for the hardest of tea cakes.

The simplest way to brew loose leaf tea directly in a mug and the essential travel companion.

Playful yet elegant Fish design tea boat for simple Gong Fu brewing or as part of a more elaborate tea session.

Cute fish teapet with craquelure surface. A friend for your tea session.

All glass Gong Fu brewer for a minimalist tea session. Perfect for desktop brewing and particularly suited to White, Green and Black tea.

Beautifully balanced glass Gaiwan suitable for Green and other light teas.

A replacement glass strainer for the Elegance glass teapot.

The elegant way to move Gong Fu teaware around without using your hands.

The essential Glass pot for all Gong Fu teaheads

B-Stock at special price! Upgraded version of the ultimate pro-level tea brewing set made according to our own exacting designs. Contains everything required to brew tea like a tea guru.

A highly absorbent and decorative towel for keeping your sessions clean.

Clay teapot individually decorated with green feather motif. Handmade in Tokoname by master potters.

A super stylish thick hammered glass Gong Dao Bei (fairness cup) for adding a bit of extra bling to your sessions.

No-nonsense, large capacity brewing straight to your cup.

Laser cut bamboo coasters in the shape of lotus roots.

Gourd shape, fully handmade Chaozhou red clay pot with exemplary detail and aesthetics.

Original shape, fully handmade Chaozhou red clay pot with exemplary detail and aesthetics.

Xi Shi shape, fully handmade Chaozhou red clay pot with exemplary detail and aesthetics.


Elegant Chashaku scoop for easy and mess free Matcha preparation.


A hundred prong handmade Chasen whisk for whipping up a frothy Matcha with a rich crema.

Pale blue De Hua porcelain Gaiwan with supreme pouring, balance and design.

De Hua Porcelain Gong Dao Bei. Sleek, light blue fairness cup for your Gong Fu sessions.

Set of 2 Tulip shaped tasting cups made from thin De Hua porcelain. Elegant and beautiful yet practical.

Glazed porcelain happy pig teapet for your Gong Fu sessions.

Beautifully decorated black lid to fit stackable tea tins.

Glazed porcelain rabbit teapet for your Gong Fu sessions.

Stylish and simple Tokoname handmade clay Kyusu perfect for brewing for a small group of people.

Our perfect Ru Yao porcelain tea cup which reveals a beautiful cracked glaze as you drink.

Ru Yao Porcelain Gong Dao Bei which develops a beautiful cracked glaze as you brew.

The indispensable tool for carefully breaking into tea cakes.

Gyokko Yohen Kyusu made from mineral rich Tokoname clay. Handmade in Tokoname by master potters.

Traditional Tokoname Yuzamashi, used for cooling down water which can double as a Gong Dao Bei for Gong Fu brewers.

Stylish square glass 240ml Gong Dao Bei for Gong Fu Brewing.

Hand blown borosilicate glass teapot with built in filter. A great way to make tea for a group of friends.

Symphony Glass Tea Pot bundled with four Double Walled glass cups

Small black pot stand which can double up as a tea bowl.

Lotus flower design tea boat for stylish brewing.

Bamboo tray designed for preparing and inspecting tea.

Brew tea directly in your cup with this glass tea mug. Perfect for solo Western style brewing.

Wooden scoop to transfer tea from storage to brewer. Suitable for small leaf tea.

Embossed Shanghai 1930's style tea tin. The perfect way to carry your stash of tea leaves for brewing wherever you are.

Mei Leaf 100ml White porcelain Gaiwan printed with the #KeepTeaGangsta artwork. The perfect size for solo brewing or horizontal tastings.

Mei Leaf 100ml White porcelain Gaiwan printed with the #StayLoose artwork. The perfect size for solo brewing or horizontal tastings.

Present your tea with style and function with a curved porcelain scoop.

Authentic unglazed Yixing Zisha clay pot for the most discerning tea experience.

Breathable storage for ageing tea cakes or storing large amounts of loose leaf tea.

The perfect way to store your precious loose tea in a breathable atmosphere.

We think you’ll love:

Organic Oolong processed in nitrogen to increase GABA to 200mg per 100g. Summer rain, apricot jam, wet wood and chestnut honey.

Long Jing - Dragonwell

Pre Qing Ming harvest of one of China’s most famous teas. Lush and aromatic with satisfying vegetal notes of cut grass and asparagus with toasted hazelnuts.

Tong Mu Zhengshan Xiaozhong

Unsmoked Lapsang from the famed Tong Mu village. Floral and fruity with muscatel grapes, lychees, rose, lilac and fresh cut wet oak.

Jing Mai 400 Year Old Gushu PuErh Spring 2018

Delicate pickings of mineral rich Gushu from estimated 400 year old tea trees in Jing Mai. Deep baked bananas, dried apricots, raw pie dough and zesty limes.