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Zhu Ye Qing - Bamboo Leaf Green

Early pluck of an heirloom Sichuan Green from 50 year old bushes. Warm soya milk, ripe mango, raw almonds and chamomile.

Que She

Famed bud tea from Sichuan using a small leaf cultivar for extra brightness. Starfruit, green mango, steamed rice and coconut milk.

Pingyang Huangtang

Small batch Pinyang Yellow with a deep and warm character from many rounds of baking and yellowing. Malted barley, hazelnut gelato, starfruit, slate and high mountain meadows.

Lyrical and playful tea presentation scoop with a unique metallic glaze.

Gushu Dianhong

Ancient tree Golden Bud Black tea representing the highest level of Dianhong. Brown bread, butter and chocolate spread, hazelnuts, lilac, rock sugar and candied pecans.

Mengding Gan Lu

Historic Green tea produced for 2000 years. Malted almond milk, sweet bean broth, flapjacks and salted pralines.

Anji Bai Cha

Top shelf grade Pre Qing Ming Anji Green from old bushes. Hot summer meadows, nougat candy, warm cotton bedsheets and pumpkin seeds.

Mi Lan Xiang Dan Cong - Honey Orchid Oolong

Wildly fragrant Dan Cong Oolong. Cooked clementine, doughnut peaches, forest honey over lemon thyme and oregano polenta cake

Yun Wu - Cloud & Mist Green

Fine picking, early spring Yun Wu Green. Sugared adzuki beans, gala melon, lemon oil and a touch of saffron.

Spring 2024 Ganlongtan Gushu Sheng PuErh

High altitude PuErh from ancient trees growing in the obscure village of Ganlongtan. Fruity, herbaceous and creamy with guava, cherimoya, nutmeg custard, fennel tops and chrysanthemum.

Natural Bamboo charcoal made from five-year-old, high mountain bamboo which has been roasted at high temperature. Excellent for purifying and softening water or removing odours during tea storage.

Pale blue De Hua porcelain Gaiwan with supreme pouring, balance and design.

Chuan Tong Bai Hao Yin Zhen

Immaculate Yin Zhen crafted with strict traditional methods. Sun withered and charcoal baked in tiny batches.Soya milk pudding, nougat, bison grass and grapevines.

Jiangsu Bi Luo Chun / Green Snail Spring

Rich yet elegant famous Green tea from Jiangsu province. Super fine picking.Nashi pears, mochi with taro and elderflower.

Sweet, rich and fragrant ancient tree PuErh picked in Autumn. Pancake batter, rum and vanilla syrup, orange blossom custard, candied papaya, watermelon rind and wet rocks.

Huo Shan Huang Ya

Hand made Yellow tea made from 32 year old trees. Pumpkin seeds, vegetable broth, creme fraiche and elderflower fool.

Mengding Huang Ya

Historic Yellow tea made from the original heirloom bushes in Sichuan. Candied nuts, Taiwanese pineapple cakes, pearl sugar, lotus seeds and dill syrup.

Mo Li Yin Zhen

Siver Needle made from 70 year old bushes scented with Jasmine flowers. Jasmine, starfruit, lime zest and pineapple candy over a slate minerality.

Jiao Gu Lan - Gynostemma pentaphyllum

A powerful immune boosting adaptogenic herb with a vast variety of reported health benefits. Licorice sweet and grassy.

Lao Cong Huangshan Mao Feng

Handmade Maofeng made from 115 year old heirloom bushes in the Yellow mountains. Mountain breeze, whipped cream, sponge cake, rosewater and petrichor.

Dong Ding Wulong

Special grade heavily roasted Dong Ding with a long finish. Flavours shift on the tongue from buttery, dark baked biscuits to spiced poached pears.

Wood-fired Jingdezhen porcelain cup with individual and organic patterns created by the wood-fire kiln.

Hou Kui - Monkey King

Handmade Taiping Hou Kui with deep Hou Yun sweetness. Steamed sponge cake, aloe, melon seeds, soy milk and guava.

A super stylish thick hammered glass Gong Dao Bei (fairness cup) for adding a bit of extra bling to your sessions.

The perfect glass gaiwan! Thick glass to prevent burning fingers and textured to beautifully show off your tea. Approx 130ml

You Zi Xiang Dan Cong

Pinnacle batch of Pomelo Dan Cong from old trees. Thyme honey, pomelo zest, jasmine, lime flowers, strawberry jam and butter pastry.

Excellent pick with a sharp tip and wedge to get into those cakes.

Mentha Peperita

Sweet and cooling with a slight toffee warmth. An uplifting tisane by itself or to add a little brightness to any other brew.

Low profile 45ml Ru Yao porcelain cup with soft vertical ridges and six curved rims.

Sleek, functional and beautiful Bamboo Cha Ze with matching tea pick and scoop.

Mei Gui Hua - Rosa chinensis

Delicate, light and zesty floral tisane to drink by itself or blend with tea. Sweet rose and grapefruits with a soft and clean finish.

Stoneware Gong Dao Bei glazed and fired in a special way to bring out random metallic tones.

An easy-pour gaiwan with holes in the lid for simple brewing. Speckled glaze and a toadhead character! 130ml