Tasting Two Lapsangs

Learn about this world famous tea and watch a comparative tasting.

Tasting Two Lapsangs

Grading a Famous Green Tea

Learn our tips on how to assess the quality of Bi Luo Chun Green tea aka Green Coil.

Grading a Famous Chinese Green Tea

Loose Leaf vs Tea Bags - Children Tasting

Can children taste the difference between true tea and those tea bags?

Three Ways to Make Iced Tea

Impress your guests by whipping out the most delicious iced teas possible this summer.

How to make Iced Tea

Which Tea is Best for Breakfast?

Pairing teas with croissants and the great British fry up = a good morning.

Which tea is best for breakfast?

Learning Tie Guan Yin

Join us on a tea trip to the Fujian mountains to find the best Tie Guan Yin Oolong.

Learning Tie Guan Yin Oolong

Tasting Qi Lan Oolong

Get to know an unusually light Wuyi Oolong Cultivar. The perfect tea for summer drinking.

What is Maocha?

Learn the key differences between finished and semi-finished tea often called Maocha

What Is Maocha?

Three Must Try Tisanes

Take a little break from tea and try these classic Chinese Tisanes for health and taste.

Essential Information for Buying Tea

The lowdown on the key nuggets of knowledge for selecting tea.

Top 3 Teas for Newbies

Here are three suggestions to begin your tea journey or to convert your friends to True Tea

Top 3 Teas for Newbies

Ten Step Tea Tasting

My personal ten step method for really getting to know a tea. Watch and become a tea tasting pro.

Tes Step Tea Tasting

Mei Leaf Launch Competition

MeiLeaf.com has just launched and we're feeling generous. Lots of prizes on offer!

Mei Leaf Giveaway

Unboxing Chaouzhou Red Clay Pots

Our teaware obsession is getting a little out of hand perhaps!

Handmade Chaouzhou Red Clay Teapot Unboxing

House Roasting Duck Sh*t Oolong

Who says that you can't experiment with tea? Try out some home roasting.

House Roasted Dan Cong Duck Shit Olong Tea