The Hunt for Jade Star II

Would we be able to find a worthy successor to this much loved, aged White tea?

Jade Star II Aged White Tea

Understanding Japanese Green Tea

Learn about the different types of Japanese Greens from field to cup.

Japanese Green tea

Roasting PuErh

Who says that PuErh cannot be roasted and what does it do to the tea? Enter the world of house roasting!

Psychic Stream Seeker

Step Up Your Matcha Game

Watch Matcha being produced in Japan and learn how we source our Mei Leaf Matcha.

Uji Hikari Matcha

Top Drawer Fermented Tea

Join us as we unveil our Malt Geezer Ripe PuErh and learn about Gong Ting grade tea.

Malt Geezer Ripe PuErh Tea

Tea Braised Short Ribs Recipe

Try this recipe to make a delicious, fall-off-the-bone, beefy dish for pairing with Ripe PuErh.

PuErh  tea braised short ribs

Flute Brewing Green Tea

Introducing an ultra stylish way of Gong Fu brewing for a sleek and minimal tea setup.

Flute Tea Brewer

Young Gushu 2017!

Our hotly anticipated Young Gushu PuErh tea has finally been unveiled for 2017

Young Gushu 2017

How to Taste Tea like a Pro

Some tips to getting more out of your sessions and writing more descriptive tasting notes.

How to Taste Tea Like a Pro

Tasting Two Lapsangs

Learn about the first black tea ever made and watch a comparative tasting of two unsmoked Souchongs.

Tasting Two Lapsangs

Grading a Famous Green Tea

Learn our tips on how to assess the quality of Bi Luo Chun Green tea aka Green Coil.

Grading a Famous Chinese Green Tea

Loose Leaf vs Tea Bags - Children Tasting

Can children taste the difference between true tea and those tea bags?

Three Ways to Make Iced Tea

Impress your guests by whipping out the most delicious iced teas possible this summer.

How to make Iced Tea

Which Tea is Best for Breakfast?

Pairing teas with croissants and the great British fry up = a good morning.

Which tea is best for breakfast?

Learning Tie Guan Yin

Join us on a tea trip to the Fujian mountains to find the best Tie Guan Yin Oolong.

Learning Tie Guan Yin Oolong