Tasting a Yiwu Gushu PuErh

The Queen of PuErh regions finally arrives at Mei Leaf with a Zesty Tea

Tipple Twister Yiwu PuErh Tea

Tea Masterclass: Astringency

Let's get geeky with this misunderstood but fundamental factor of tea appreciation

Tea Masterclass: Astringency

How to Make Hong Kong Milk Tea

Don and Celine explore this famous Hong Kong heritage tea.

Hong Kong Milk Tea Recipe

Tea Cocktails and Oolong Braised Pork

Bringing the Good Stuff into Haste's kitchen for a cooking session.

Oolong Braised Pork and Ruby Storm

5 Common Tea Brewing Mistakes

The most standard ways that you can ruin good tea!

5 common mistakes when brewing tea

False Marketing for High Prices

Spotlight on Junshan Yellow Tea - the worlds most expensive tea.

Five Ways Tea can make you Happier

The ultimate aim at Mei Leaf - Happiness

Tea and Happiness

Happy Matcha 2018!

Begin the year off with the ultimate life hack for happiness and performance - MATCHA!

Christmas & Boxing Day Sales!

Watch us celebrate Christmas with a Christmas Pudding PuErh

Mei Leaf Christmas

Getting Geeky with Teaware

Learn what we search for when selecting and designing our Mei Leaf teaware.

Getting Geeky with Teaware

Tea in motion - sequence 1

An homage to the visual and symbolic beauty of true tea and Gong Fu brewing.

The Art of Fermenting Tea

Learn about the cooked PuErh and the skill of tea fermentation as we try the 'After Party Enchanter'.

The Art of Fermenting Tea

Tea Gift Ideas

Our guide to the best Tea gifts to pick up for tea beginners and connoisseurs this Christmas.

Tea Gift Ideas

Festive Drinks with Tea

Get the party started with these tea blends and exclusive Vegan cocktail recipes.

Festive Tea Drinks

Win a Handmade Chaozhou Clay Pot from Master Wu

Your chance to own a teaware masterpiece

Master Wu Chaozhou Red Clay Pot 50ml