Ten Step Tea Tasting

My personal ten step method for really getting to know a tea. Watch and become a tea tasting pro.

Tes Step Tea Tasting

Unboxing Chaouzhou Red Clay Pots

Our teaware obsession is getting a little out of hand perhaps!

Handmade Chaouzhou Red Clay Teapot Unboxing

House Roasting Duck Sh*t Oolong

Who says that you can't experiment with tea? Try out some home roasting.

House Roasted Dan Cong Duck Shit Olong Tea

Kettle Showdown

Reviewing four variable temperature kettles head to head to find out the Gong Fu kettle of choice.

Best Electric Kettle for Tea Review

What is Ripe PuErh?

A tea type which polarises opinion but if you find a good one then it will become a favourite.

What is Ripe Pu Erh Tea

Are Organic Teas Better?

The controversial truth about Organic teas and a little word about Pesticides and Heavy Metals.

Organic vs Non Organic Tea Taste Test

How to Make People Fall in Love with Tea

Some Gong Fu tactics for spreading your passion for tea.

Porcelain cup with lipstick

Does Boiled Water make Worse Tea?

Testing out one of those commonly told 'facts' about brewing.

Best Water Temperature to Make Green Tea Taste Better

How to Brew with a Gaiwan

Burning fingers is a rite of passage! Learn how to become a pro with the Gaiwan.

How To Use Gaiwan

Visiting a Beijing Tea Market

Some tips to navigate those colossal Chinese tea markets without spending too much energy or money.

How To Buy Good Tea in China Tea Market

Unboxing an Unusual Wuyi Oolong

This was a bit of a frustrating tasting session!

Wuyi Mountain Wu Yi Bai Ji Guan Oolong Tea Taste

The Blind Green Tea Tasting Challenge

Celine's idea to challenge my tastebuds.

Loose Leaf Green Tea Taste

Why I Love Gaiwans

I explain why this is my favourite piece of teaware and my go-to brewing choice.

What is Gaiwan

Browsing Mei Leaf Teahouse & Tasting Da Hong Pao

Have a little tour of our teahouse after closing.

Da Hong Pao in London Teahouse

Give Good Tea for Airbnb

Giving away a little bit of True Tea to total strangers through the AirBnB network.

AirBnb Good Guest Tipping Etiquette