Don's Tea of the Year 2018

My favourite finds of this year and why I love them so!

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Herbal Hot Toddy - Recipe

A festive drink to warm you up and chill you out this holiday season.

Black Friday Weekend

The biggest shopping weekend of the year is upon us and we are going BIG with our sales.

BF Sales

GIVEAWAY - Lapsang Souchong Black Tea

Update: The competition is closed. Thanks everyone for participating! We will announce the winners soon.

Smoked Black Tea - Lapsang Souchong

Tea Mirror Competition

Our Grand Annual Mei Leaf Competition 2018 - show us your tea alter ego and win over £200 worth of tea goodies!

What Is Gushu PuErh Tea?

There is a craze for Gushu PuErh but what is it and why should you be joining the hunt for his tea?

What is Gushu PuErh Tea?

Japanese Tea Month

Buy One Get One Free on the most sublime Green Teas and top grade Matcha

Japanese Tea Month

Blending Old and Young Raw PuErh

Tasting our ultra-special blend of Raw Gushu PuErh

Pendulum Meddler PuErh

Discovering the True Taste of English Breakfast Tea

Unconventional but superior brewing for Keemun Black tea.

Discovering the True Taste of English Breakfast Tea

Falling in Love with Keemun Black Tea

Travel with us in China to learn everything about Keemun

Jade Star 3

The 2018 instalment of our Aged White Tea series has finally hit the shelves.

Jade Star 3

Gong Fu Brewing Techniques - Crushing Leaves

Let's dive into the intricacies of Chaozhou Style Brewing.

Gong Fu Brewing Techniques - Crushing Leaves

Is Tea Overpriced?

A discussion of the factors which affect tea prices

Is tea overpiced

What is Bud Tea?

Learn about how the part of the plant affects flavour.

Bud Tea