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The ultimate pro-level tea brewing set made according to our tea master's design. Contains everything required to brew tea like a tea guru.

Gorgeous sky blue Gaiwan with brown rims and perfect balance of design and stability.

Connoisseur Tea Brewer bundled with one Large Double Walled Glass tea cup for a special price.

Authentic unglazed Yixing Zisha clay pot for the most discerning tea experience.

Tea Articles

What Is Maocha?

What is Maocha?

Learn the key differences between finished and semi-finished tea often called Maocha

Three Must Try Tisanes

Take a little break from tea and try these classic Chinese Tisanes.

Teahouse in Camden

Teahouse in Camden

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Our unique teahouse in the heart of Camden. Browse through our entire range of teas and teaware and sit down to enjoy a true brew.