Discovering the True Taste of English Breakfast Tea

Unconventional but superior brewing for Keemun Black tea.


Keemun Black Tea used to be the main component for the English Breakfast Tea blend before the British began using Assam tea from India. It has a very unique character with a combination of malty and fruity notes. In this video, we taste the effect that hand-rolling makes to the tea and try brewing in an unconventional way to bring out the best from this famous Chinese tea.

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We taste test the Keemun Maofeng against the hand-rolled Keemun made by the same producer. This gives us a direct comparison of the effect that hand-rolling makes to the aroma and taste of the tea. It is quite amazing how much difference the roll makes!

One of the frustrating things about Keemun is that, on the nose, it has such a rich bouquet of warm biscuit notes and an earthy, fruity sweetness, yet the taste of the tea does not live up to these aromas. In this video, we try to play with the brewing parameters to unlock the full potential of the tea. Please try this brewing method and let us know your thoughts.

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