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    Complex, spicy herb, extremely fresh, full bodied and thick, tingly.

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The sixth in our famed series of young, fresh, raw Puerh tea made from ancient trees. This is Young Gushu 2021 from Ba Da mountains in Western Yunnan made from an estimated 200-250-year-old trees.

Every year we taste many PuErh Maocha (loose leaf) to choose which material we will use for our tea cakes but we are always searching for a tea that is perfect to drink loose and fresh for our Young Gushu series. It has to be Gushu (from ancient trees), it has to be delicious and complex yet easy-sipping.

The Young Gushu concept is based on the way the farmers drink tea in Yunnan - fresh, young and raw. Sure, we all know that PuErh develops with age and that pressing it into cakes is best for long-term storage but it is also great when treated like a loose leaf, sun-dried green tea. The ancient assamica trees provide a rich and complex experience and we love loading a bowl with the fresh stuff.

Young Gushu is also a great way for you to taste pinnacle raw PuErh without investing in a cake.

Our 2021 Young Gushu comes from the ancient tea forests of Ba Da mountain. This area produces very thick and brothy teas with an extra level of creaminess in taste and mouthfeel. In previous Young Gushu vintages, we have often selected teas with higher, flowery aroma but this year we are going a little deeper. Sure, there are orchids and kiwi fruit to add lightness, however the predominance in this tea is the interplay between soft, creamy and sweet with mineral and chewy. I love the experience which is why Ba Da won the battle to be Young Gushu 2021.

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Amountg per 100ml 1st Infusionseconds + Infusionsseconds Number of
5 25 +5 12 0.8 120 +30 5

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