Caffeine in Tea - Facts and Myths

All the information that you will ever need about Caffeine.


Caffeine is the most widely consumed psychoactive drug on the planet despite being vilified as an evil and toxic substance. The fact is that caffeine can be both good and bad for you depending on your ability to metabolise caffeine, the amount that you consume and, crucially, how you get your caffeine fix.

Caffeine from tea has very different effects on your body compared with other forms of caffeinated drinks because it works synergistically with Theanine and Polyphenols to regulate its effects and speed of uptake.

So watch this video and arm yourself with all the knowledge that you need to maximise your performance and enjoyment of caffeine without those jitters.


Video about storing tea between infusions

Some sources say that Clonal tea has less Caffeine than Seed grown and others disagree so there is no consensus on this factor.

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