Jitter Free Performance

Fencha makes work easier!


We all know that Tea has a whole host of health properties but what about its ability to boost your long-term performance in any activity?

FENCHA is a stone-ground tea in the style of Matcha. It has been blended by Mei Leaf to bring calm, creative and stress-free energy to boost your performance without any jitteriness or burn-out which comes from energy drinks.

Fencha is a blend of Oolong, GABA, Ginseng and Liquorice to elevate mood, function and energy while maintaining clam and mistake-free state of mind and NOT impacting your ability to relax. Some people use Matcha to boost their performance and, while this suits many people, others find that caffeine to be a bit high for daily matcha shots. Fencha is more gentle on caffeine but then adds the proven adaptogenic benefits of Ginseng to bring more sustained energy.

Learn more about the story of Fencha.

It has taken us 5 years to develop this product and I hope that you give it a try.

To calm, creative energetic living!

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The perfect way to store your tea. Stackable tins which have been designed to keep your tea organised easily.

2010 Gong Ting Da Shu Menghai Shu PuErh

Creamy and rich 2010 Gong Ting Menghai ripe PuErh made from old trees. Caramel biscoff biscuits, milk chocolate mousse, antique woods and aged tangerine peel.

Organic Oolong processed in low oxygen to increase GABA to 200mg per 100g. Summer rain, apricot jam, wet wood and chestnut honey.

A classic cup traditionally for Chaozhou style brewing but suits any tasting session.