Tasting a Famous Rock Oolong

Introducing the masterful Iron Monk tea!


You reach a point during a Wuyi Yancha (Rock Oolong) tasting session when you stop tasting the difference. I have had sourcing sessions of twenty rock Oolongs when my tastebuds wanted nothing more than to be given a break!

I found this tea after a really long session. I was totally tasted out but I wanted to get through my list of anonymous teas (we always source our tea blind if possible). As soon as I tried this one I knew it had to be in our collection. The taste was so unique and powerful that it woke up my tastebuds and I was quite happily sipping it through many infusions.

When I crossreferenced the numbering I was not surprised to find out that this tea was a Tie Luo Han (Iron Monk) fron Zhengyan. Pinnacle tea, at an eye squinting price but worth every single penny.

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