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    Hobnob biscuits, Malteaser Bunny cream, dried cranberry, coca nibs, hazelnuts and a hint of oak.

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A deeply satisfying Yunnan Dianhong made from 100+ year old trees crafted in an old-school style for a- rich and complex experience. Sugar, minerals , woods, chocolates, flowers and nuts - this one is fully loaded with character.

One of my first loves along my Tea Journey was Dianhong (Yunnan Black Tea). Over 20 years ago, I encountered my first taste of a high-quality Golden Bud (also called Golden Monkey), and I was mesmerised by its soft, smooth nature. I still adore these silky bud brews, although over the years I have craved a bit more bite to my Black tea.

This Dianhong is made from old assamica trees growing in the most famous Black tea producing area of Yunnan - Fengqing. It is produced traditionally, with a bud and leaf picking rather than just opting for the buds.

It's foresty and mineral but with a wave of chocolate, caramel and honeycomb to drape all of those edges with warm indulgence. As you brew into the leaves, it reveals dried tamarind and violets to uplift the whole experience.

The finish is cooling and fresh in the mouth and lungs, which plays Yin and Yang with the deep-set warming nature of this tea, leaving me with a calm and centred appreciation of being.

Honeycomb Black is a treat for those looking for a more nuanced Black tea experience.


Gong Fu Brewing Western Brewing
Amountg per 100ml 1st Infusionseconds + Infusionsseconds Number of
Amountg per 100ml 1st Infusionseconds + Infusionsseconds Number of
4 25 +5 8 0.7 120 +60 2

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