Sip Spring

Xiping Xiao Qing Tie Guan Yin

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    Beautifully creamy and soapy-flowery. There are a lot of sour berries, especially in later infusions. Fresh grass and cooked vegetables at the end.

This is a very limited edition, modern style and Hand Shaken Tie Guan Yin

Sip Spring is a slightly fresher tasting, modern style Tie Guan Yin due to the producer waiting up to a day longer before firing. This means that the leaf takes longer to lose its water content leading to more 'green' taste.

Purchased in tiny quantities on our tea trip to Xiping in Fujian. This is a top drawer modern style, Qing Xiang Tie Guan Yin. This tea has been hand shaken which means that instead of using bamboo rollers during the shaking phase of production, this small batch has been tossed by hands. This process is reserved for the very best harvests of the year.

It was found at the Tie Guan Yin museum in Anxi county where all the tea from across all of the mountainous area is sent for tasting. After spending three days in Anxi searching for a special Qing Xiang Tie Guan Yin, this was one of two teas which we found an hour before leaving the area.

Watch us sourcing this tea (minute 56:00).

Gong Fu Brewing Western Brewing
Amountg per 100ml 1st Infusionseconds + Infusionsseconds Number of
Amountg per 100ml 1st Infusionseconds + Infusionsseconds Number of
6 20 +5 8 1 120 +30 3

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