Mei Leaf Tea Tasting Selection  · Gift Box
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The best way to sample a wide range of our brews or introduce a friend to the revelation of true tea! A sampler pack containing sixteen Gong Fu servings of eight different teas (two of each). SAVE OVER 20%*

When we designed this sampler box we chose teas which we think represent us and we covered all of the main tea types. As you would expect from us, these teas are all top-shelf with no fillers. Each one stands out as a signpost to guide people on their tea journey.

The selection comes complete with a card showing all of the brewing instructions.

The box contains two Gong Fu servings of each of the following teas making a total of sixteen sessions.

Guangxi Silver Needle -  WHITE TEA

Imperial Green - GREEN TEA

Superior Iron Goddess - BALL OOLONG

Amber Gaba - GABA OOLONG



Souchong Liquor - BLACK TEA

Black Yunnan Tuo 96 - RIPE PUERH

* Gift box price is over 20% less than buying the same sample packs separately.

We think you’ll love:

Yue Guang Bai

Enigmatic White tea made from old Camellia Taliensis trees in Yunnan. Syrupy with sweet cantaloupe melon, dried spices and a minty coolness.

Bai Hao Yin Zhen

Very early spring picked silver beige buds producing a luscious, thick and soft liquor. Summer meadow flowers and dry grass with sweet, ripe cantaloupe.

2020 Jing Mai Dashu White

Jing Mai old tree pickings made into a potent White tea. Milk chews, incense cedar and cherry candy.

Three of our most loved White teas to taste the wonder of Whites. Contains enough tea for at least 9 Gong Fu Sessions.