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    This is my go-to for all herbal blends and even tisane brewing when I don't feel like giving it a proper gong-fu session. I'm really happy to have this.

The simplest way to brew high-quality loose leaf tea in any cup. Add your tea or tisane and place in a cup. Pour over water and remove when your perfect brew has been achieved. This can also be used as a tea strainer especially useful for fine Japanese teas.

This is an essential item in the home for quick and easy brewing. This, all stainless steel, Brew Basket is the perfect capacity and size to fit into almost any cup and allow your leaves and herbs plenty of space to infuse properly. Throw in your leaves of choice and suspend over any mug, large pots or jugs and pour in water. When the tea is ready you simply lift the basket out of the water and place on its drip free lid for more infusions. It is pure simplicity and works very well for all tea and tisanes.

The mesh size has been tuned carefully to be able to filter out all broken leaves but is not so fine that it can be easily clogged by very fine tea powders (in teas like Fukamushi Sencha). It is also the perfect accessory for brewing our ground medicinal herbal blends.

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