Tea Lovers Glass Tea Mug 500ml - B Stock

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THIS IS DISCOUNTED B-STOCK WHICH MEANS THAT THERE ARE SOME AESTHETIC IMPERFECTIONS. We will not accept returns on the basis of aesthetic imperfections.

When you are busy working, reading or browsing, sometimes you want a large mug of tea as your companion instead of Gong Fu brewing. This glass mug is your perfect companion, allowing you to brew directly in the cup!

It has a glass filter to place your leaves and a lid to cover your mug whilst brewing. When the tea is the right strength you can easily remove the glass filter (the tea filters through the filter) and place it on the upturned lid for no mess drinking. The leaves will quite happily sit there ready for another brew whenever you fancy.

We think you’ll love:

Hu Xiao Qi Lan

Uniquely light Wuyi Oolong cultivar. Summery mix of hay, asian pear, mangosteen and meadow flowers with a charcoal warmth.

Da Hong Pao Qi Dan (Big Red Robe)

Dark roasted Wuyi Yan Cha (rock oolong). Charcoal caramel leading to cranberry juice soaked wood. Vanilla whisky, fresh tobacco and ripe apricots.

Lao Man E 500 Year Old Gushu Raw Spring 2017

Potent Gushu raw PuErh from Lao Man E village in Bulang. Exclusive batch, house roasted by Mei Leaf in London. Quince, blow torched rice and pears. Sweet Limoncello bitters.

Beautifully balanced glass Gaiwan suitable for Green and other light teas.