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    Super absorbent, with a nice design. Works really well.

UPGRADED version of our much loved Gaiwan-Styles towel - A really luxurious tew towel with thick towelling on the base, a velvety feeling blue printed top and embroidered edges.

A towel is one of those things that people often forget or disregard when buying their teaware collection but it really makes the experience so much more enjoyable. It is used to quickly mop up spillages and to dry the base of the drinking cups before serving so that your guests don't get wet fingers.

The design on the towel shows four styles of holding a Gaiwan illustrated exclusively for Mei Leaf by Celine. This towel is highly absorbent (much more than your average tea towel). The blue tone works with all tea sets to give a little modern feel while matching with traditional teaware.

If you are planning on using as a base for a tea session (without any water catcher) then we advise turning the towel grey side up for maximum absorbion and stability.

To clean, machine wash at cool temperature and hang to dry.

We highly recommend grabbing yourself one of these towels - it will instantly become an essential part of your tea sessions.

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