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    Beautifully elegant & understated, perfectly smooth pot. The lid sits IN the pot, not ON it, feels odd at first but makes for a perfectly spherical shape. Pours perfect as expected. I'm happy with it.

An immaculate pot with excellent balance, weight and performance. Fully handmade from Qinzhou Nixing Clay.

Nixing clay is one of the famous clays in China (the others are Zisha, Jian Shui, Chaozhou and Rong Chang). It is made by blending clay from two sides of the Qinjiang river after storing each side differently for many months. After mixing the pure and neutral clay becomes super malleable and smooth making it ideal for carvings. The colour of the fired clay ranges from bronze brown to grey-blue and because the clay is porous it will absorb tea oils and change over the years.

Nixing is a great clay for all tea types but, in our experiments, is particularly suited to Black, Green oolong and (perhaps controversially) Chinese Green teas. It has slightly more softening and thickening characteristics than Chaozhou red clay but slightly less than Jianshui Zitao and Yixing Zisha. The clay adds minerality and retains the bright notes of a tea making it an excellent 'all-star' pot.

Watch the video below for a more in-depth assessment of Nixing (you can skip to 52:15 for the conclusions):

PLEASE NOTE: these pots are individually made and polished by hand and will have natural, small variations in the tone and capacity. This pot is approx 130-150ml.

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