Old Duanni Double Fired Xishi  · 1 Pot in Bag and Box
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Old Duanni Clay pot with high porosity and a unique texture. Very limited stock and we are unlikely to get any more of these pots (we will try).

This gorgeous little 110ml Xishi shaped pot is made from Old Duanni Zisha clay. Old Duanni is a naturally occurring mix of clays found between layers of Ben Shan Duanni and Zini. It has a granular texture and is rich in iron oxides.

The pot has been formed fully by hand and fired once at standard temperatures and fired again at high temperatures (1200 degrees). This high-firing is necessary for old Duanni and produces a unique speckled black, purple and gold combination of colours.

Its granular texture is not only a delight for the eyes but feels great in the hands. I have been testing mine for about 5 months and the texture smooths slightly with use but still retains its tactile appeal.

Old Duanni clay has a unique composition unlike other Yixing Zisha. It is actually magnetic and has high breathability/porosity. This means that it will season faster than other pots.

I have tested this pot with all tea types, and amazingly, it seems suitable for all tea types. The balance and pour is excellent through a seven-hole flat filter.

The clay's effects are remarkable - thickening the tea texture and softening astringency while retaining the overall taste and character of a tea. This clay does not shave off too much of the bright details of a tea, and it does not add its own mineral changes. Instead, this Old Duanni clay works on the feel and finish of the tea making every brew smooth, thick and silky.


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