Scorched Stone - Wood Fired Jingdezhen Cup  · 1 cup
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    Beautiful cups. Makes the tea shine.

Beautiful and individual cup with shifting patterns from scorched brown to cream and stone colours. These one-of-a kind cups are organic in look to blend in with any tea setup but stand out with unique character.

This wood-fired cup is from the world-renowned Jingdezhen area of China. It is a half-handmade cup using molds for the porcelain clay to create a rough shape and then finishing/sculpting by hand on potters wheels. The shape is perfect for easy sipping and stability.

The finished cup is then fired, glazed and re-fired. The wood-fire kiln means that every cup will be different with its own unique pattern and shades.

The firing on these cups has been expertly applied to give us gorgeous hues from cream and grey to rich caramel browns. Every cup will be different but they all will have the range of colours shown in the pictures.

The texture of the glaze is also subtly varied by the wood-firing, making it very engaging cup in the hands.


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