Seashell Porcelain Tokoname Yuzamashi


In order to make Japanese green tea the classic way, the brewer must pour boiling hot water into other teaware to reduce the heat before steeping. Every time you pour water into a water cooler (Yuzamashi) or any room temperature pot, the water is meant to reduce in temperature by about 10 degrees celsius.

So this gorgeous porcelain pitcher is designed for this water cooling function but we like to use it as a side pouring Gong Dao Bei.

Japanese tea serving involves pouring the tea directly from the pot to the cups and using a back and forth pouring strategy to make sure that everyone tastes the same strength tea. This is similar to the Chaozhou style of brewing in China and is great if you have the right amount of people/cups for the size of your pot/kyusu.

The other way of serving is to decant the entire pot into a Gong Dao Bei. This ensures that everyone is tasting the same strength brew and allows you to keep any extra tea if you are brewing for less people.

So this Yuzamashi can be used in two ways - as a water cooler or as a Gong Dao Bei. It is a unique and functional piece of teaware with excellent balance and pours smoothly.

This is glazed teaware so you can use it for all types of tea. At 250ml capacity it is suitable for practically all Gong Fu size teapots, kyusus and gaiwans.

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