No longer available

We searched far and wide for our perfect Gaiwan and here it is!

Excellent quality porcelain, balanced design and the perfect sessioning size (for 2-3 people) make this Gaiwan a winner. The colours are sleek (none of the traditional Chinese designs) and modern and it is simply a beautiful piece of teaware to add to your collection.

Suitable for all types of tea, we love Gaiwan brewing and recommend it to everyone.


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The essential Glass pot for all Gong Fu teaheads

A super stylish thick hammered glass Gong Dao Bei (fairness cup) for adding a bit of extra bling to your sessions.

The most simple and easy way to Gong Fu Brew by yourself - one Gaiwan, one cup and off you go

A very small Gaiwan which is perfect for solo brews and horizontal tea sampling. A great way to brew rich tea without using many tea leaves.