How Different Pouring Styles Change Your Tea

You'll be surprised about the effect that this small change makes to your brews

What Is Gushu PuErh Tea?

There is a craze for Gushu PuErh but what is it and why should you be joining the hunt for his tea?

What is Gushu PuErh Tea?

Is Tea Overpriced?

A discussion of the factors which affect tea prices

Is tea overpiced

What is Bud Tea?

Learn about how the part of the plant affects flavour.

Bud Tea

5 Ways to Judge Quality in Tea

Learn how to quickly assess the quality of any tea with this masterclass.

Tea Taste Challenge

Brewing in Chaozhou Clay Teaware

Which Teas can you Brew in our Master Wu Pots?

Which teas brew in clay teaware

Tea Masterclass: Astringency

Let's get geeky with this misunderstood but fundamental factor of tea appreciation

Tea Masterclass: Astringency

False Marketing for High Prices

Spotlight on Junshan Yellow Tea - the worlds most expensive tea.

The Art of Fermenting Tea

Learn about the cooked PuErh and the skill of tea fermentation as we try the 'After Party Enchanter'.

The Art of Fermenting Tea

How to Brew Gyokuro Green Tea

Learn how to get the full flavour from this gorgeous Green.

How to Brew Gyokuro Green Tea

Understanding Japanese Green Tea

Learn about the different types of Japanese Greens from field to cup.

Japanese Green tea

Step Up Your Matcha Game

Watch Matcha being produced in Japan and learn how we source our Mei Leaf Matcha.

Uji Hikari Matcha

How to Taste Tea like a Pro

Some tips to getting more out of your sessions and writing more descriptive tasting notes.

How to Taste Tea Like a Pro

Learning Tie Guan Yin

Join us on a tea trip to the Fujian mountains to find the best Tie Guan Yin Oolong.

Learning Tie Guan Yin Oolong

What is Maocha?

Learn the key differences between finished and semi-finished tea often called Maocha

What Is Maocha?