Gong Fu Satellite
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    Good build, quality materials, good size for my needs, and I do prefer the bamboo top - less noise during those the-last-person-awake gong fu sessions.

The little brother of the Gong Fu Code and the perfect standalone tray for smaller tea sessions. This tray is also designed to be the perfect extender for the Gong Fu Code for those big celebratory sessions.

This is an all bamboo tea tray with an ultra-thick top to minimize any warping and an ABS insert to keep the Satellite looking pristine. It is super lightweight and low profile – designed to fit easily on your desk or in your bag. The Gong Fu Satellite perfectly fits the Gong Fu Story Backpack for those wishing to set their tea sessions free and drink anywhere.


WATERPROOFED BAMBOO TRAY – Light and portable yet sturdy and waterproof. The dimensions have been chosen to fit directly inside the Gong Fu Code for easy storage and in the Gong Fu Story for taking tea anywhere. The low profile and controlled dimensions allow Gong Fu Brewing in the tightest spaces and great for bringing to your workplace. Mei Leaf logo is engraved on the front and the decoded water catcher message is engraved to face the brewer.

THICK BAMBOO WATER CATCHER – A waterproofed bamboo top with our exclusive Code design. This tray is extra thick to reduce the natural warping of bamboo.

INFUSION COUNTER FROG – A teapet with added functionality! Not only is this a delightful companion to your tea session which changes colour when offered tea but it has been designed in conjunction with the water catcher to act as an infusion counter – hop the frog from hole to hole to count through your infusions.

GONG FU TEA TOWEL – An essential item to wipe up spills and keep your session supreme. We have included one of our exclusively designed Gaiwan Styles towels (please note that this will be the brown towel not the blue one).


The Satellite has been designed to work as an extender for the Gong Fu Code making expansive tea sessions. This is perfect for large group sessions or when you are planning to taste multiple teas together in ‘double-drop’ sessions.

The Satellite design matches perfectly with the Gong Fu Code with two individual coded messages cut into the water catchers. The lower profile of the satellite allows you to create a two-tiered tea session either beside each other or in front of each other. The Satellite fits snugly into the Gong Fu Code for easy storage.

We advise a couple of ways to use the Satellite as an extender but feel free to play yourselves.

1.       Place the Satellite next to the Gong Fu Code for brewing different teas or keeping half-infused pots and gaiwans ready for action. You can use the Frog infusion counters on both trays to keep track of the number of infusions of a couple of teas easily.

2.       Use the Satellite in front of the Gong Fu Code as a serving station. Ask your guests to place their cups on the satellite if they would like more tea - no more reaching across tables to serve tea!



We hope that this product gives you many years of exemplary tea sessions. Please follow these instructions to keep your GONG FU CODE and SATELLITE in excellent condition.

1.       After every session please clean and dry tray, ABS and water catcher. Use mild detergents and SOFT cloths. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU DO NOT USE ANY ABRASIVE CLEANERS OR CLOTHS as this will damage the metal water catcher coating irreparably and may remove some of the bamboo waterproofing.

2.       To remove tea stains from the metal water catcher please use a gentle stain remover. We like using citric acid and baking soda but you may get good results with vinegar and baking soda – soak, rinse and wipe dry.

3.       Do not pick the tray up by pinching the sides. Instead, use the finger grooves or hold the base of the tray.

This is an individually made product with much made by hand and it is normal for there to be aesthetic differences and small marks and blemishes on the box and water catchers. We will not accept returns on very small aesthetic marks that do not affect functionality. While the bamboo box has been waterproofed, it is impossible to expect 100% water tightness with bamboo. It is normal for tea to stain the bamboo and this must be expected but you can reduce stains by cleaning your Gong Fu Code and Satellite immediately after your tea session. We have included an ABS insert to give double protection against any leaking and staining.

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