Chawan - Matcha Bowl

The most pleasurable Matcha experience comes when you place two hands around a large Chawan (Matcha bowl) and sip. This bowl feels so good in the hands and is large enough (11.5cm diameter) to whisk up your Matcha without making a mess.

The bowls are handcrafted individually (no two bowls will be the same). They have a dipped glaze and wavy edge to find the perfect place to sip.

For more information on how to make Matcha:

We think you’ll love:


Elegant Chashaku scoop for easy and mess free Matcha preparation.


A hundred prong handmade Chasen whisk for whipping up a frothy Matcha with a rich crema.

Ceremonial grade organic matcha sourced from Shizuoka in Japan. Fresh spring fields and kombu umami leading to a brief bitter hit followed by vibrant, juicy sweetness.

Toyo Mukashi Uji Matcha

Ultra small batch Uji Matcha made by a revered family of Matcha makers. Creamed spinach, grated courgettes, bready umami and violet sweetness.