Ru Yao Porcelain Cup
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You would be amazed at how fussy we are about tea cups. So this is why we love this unassuming little 40ml cup.

Ru Yao - The porcelain is Ru Yao which originated from Henan province in the Song Dynasty (about 1000 years ago). The technique uses iron to create a glaze with a glimmering lustre which will continue to shine. The firing process creates fine cracks in the glaze which will season with tea over repeated use and reveal a golden brown craquelure.

Colour - The blue green celadon colour is the perfect companion to Yixing clay and glass which makes it a universal tea cup.

Shape - Oh how we love the shape of this cup. The base is wide enough so that it is stable and difficult to spill. The drinking edge is curved perfectly to hold the tea but make it easy to drink.

You can buy a matching Ru Yao Gong Dao Bei too.

Watch as I describe why I picked these cups (skip to 24:30).

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