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Freeform conversation with Adam Vanni, one of the founders of JARR Kombucha. In this episode, we discuss everything from tea and tasting to idealism vs materialism.

Check out JARR for some of the best booch out there!

Show notes 

  • Adam's Tea history
  • Smell as a quantum process
  • Adam's experience with East London and Psychedelics
  • The problem with Social Media
  • Is morality a construction?
  • The problem with self-valuation
  • Consciousness as a precursor for matter
  • Multiple Universes?

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About Tea Lifted Conversations Podcast

A series of informal conversations over tea about a wide variety of topics. Sharing conversations over tea has a unique capacity to expose and hopefully dissolve tribalism and engender free, uninhibited conversation. I hope that this series provides interesting viewpoints and ideas which engage, entertain and inspire. 


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