Getting Geeky with Teaware

Learn what we search for when selecting and designing our Mei Leaf teaware.


The more that you fall in love with tea the more intricate your requirements for teaware. In this video we geek out and explain some of the thinking behind our Mei Leaf Gaiwan, tulip cups and Gong Dao Bei design.

All of this teaware is made in DeHua which is one of the capitals of fine porcelain production in China. While Jingdezhen (another area specialising in porcelain) is famous for its painted porcelain, DeHua is renowned for producing the highest quality light and white porcelain in China.

This teaware collection has been designed to our specifications and features a Gaiwan with a hole in the saucer to lock the Gaiwan into place. It has a 150ml capacity which is the perfect size for every tea lover's home, allowing both solo and social brewing.

The Gong Dao Bei has a tall and sleek outline with a short spout with excellent pouring.

The tulip shapes cups are excellent tasting cups which are intentionally oversized to allow for simple solo drinking or focused tastings. The tall profile and shape allow the aromas to be captured in the cup to enhance the tasting experience whilst the tulip outline makes them easy drinking cups.


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