How to Make Hong Kong Milk Tea

Don and Celine explore this famous Hong Kong heritage tea.


Hong Kong Milk Tea is the most ubiquitous drink of choice in the bustling south China metropolis and one of the most famous milk teas anywhere. There is the classic British milk tea, the Teh Tarik and the Chai but for my taste, Hong Kong milk tea is up there with all of them and whenever I am in Hong Kong I have to get myself a cup.

But how can you make Hong Kong Milk tea without a trip over there? In this video, we go through the history of Hong Kong Milk tea and we try to create the perfect recipe for making it at home easily.

To make Hong Kong Fling Milk Tea you will need:

  • A bright, brisk and acidic chopped Ceylon Loose Leaf Tea
  • Optional: Empress Oolong
  • Optional: Fire Phoenix
  • Optional: Jujube Red Dates
  • Evaporated Milk
  • Optional: Egg Shell
  • Saucepan
  • Jug

To make an iced Hong Kong Milk Tea:

Make the hot tea as in this video but before adding milk, freeze in ice cube holders. When you are ready for an iced milk tea, load up a glass with iced-tea cubes and strain over a small amount of hot tea (or boiling water) – enough to melt most of the iced-tea cubes. Stir well and add more iced-tea cubes if necessary. Add milk (usually with some extra condensed milk for sweetness).


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